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September 01, 2006


Ellen O'Malley

The Carlyle is one of our favorite places to eat - the service is usually good and the food is great. The portion sizes are large - and make great leftovers the next day. The chicken fingers are out of this world - and the fries are the BEST in Ann Arbor. I usually eat my fries and the coleslaw (with Maytag blue cheese) for dinner and save my chicken strips for the next day. They are great cold-dipped in Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce. Have you tried the poncho sauce? It comes with the London Burger, but is EXCELLENT as a dip for your fries (forget the catsup). The wine selection is great - and they are always trying new things - that are delicious and affordable (some aren't, and they are great for celebrations because they are still priced reasonably). They are still new - so it will take time to work out all of the kinks, but as far as I'm concerned, they are doing a fantastic job!


All I can say is it's your loss if you chose not to go to Carlyle's. My wife and I have been there 3 times and each time was great. The wine list is good too and if you have a laptop your good to go wireless. Parking is a snap and the theater is in the same parking lot. You can sit outside or in another area that is open to the outside with a roof plus in the restaurant or in the bar. Prices were fair and service was fast and friendly....


Heard that the place was overrated so we didn't make an effort to try it out quickly. Went this past week-end and was delighted with the food AND service. Had a flat iron steak that was delicious and my wife had a hamburger that was giant, yet tasty.


Carlyle's is a great restaurant with good food and a good wine selection. Thanks for keeping it easy to get in without a major wait by telling people not to go there.


I agree Craig, the Chicken Avocado sandwich is amazing! The chicken was so moist. And the service was fast and friendly, I too made it to my movie on time =)


I agree that it's pricey, but the food was good, the portions were fairly generous (for a Cobb Salad and a Chicken Avocado Sandwich) and they were very fast and accomodating, helping my wife and I catch a movie in 30 minutes.


Thanks for writing! I've been interested in Carlyle's, but now I'll push it down on my list of restaurants to try :)

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