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February 23, 2006



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Steve K

As far as I know, Zenaida is now closed. It's too bad, it was a lovely place... although inconsistent. Towards the end, they really seemed to be on the decline with little selection, and it had the look of a place half-closed, just waiting for the end.

bobby frank

my experience w/ zenaida's is limited. the reason is that when i stopped in to frequent the place it was so poorly run and staffed. the display case looked unappetizing and the staff could not answer any questions about the food and drinks with knowledgable answers. quite frankly, the two people working there were clueless. my visit was after the place had been open for months. with the staff being so unknowing and uncaring, i didn't want to even take a chance on ordering anything. sorry zenaida's, but you reap what you sow.

Albert Williams

whoa! this looks like a disgruntled former employee and probably writing repeatedly under false names! too much time on hand perhaps? all i have to say is that i love zenaida. peace out.


I went to Zenaida's once and I can say I was not impressed with the over priced hot chocolate. I had the one infused with orange. If it had been $1.50 or $2.00, I would have been satisfied, but with the price they are charging, I expected it to be spetacular, which wasn't the case. The only things here seem surreal were the reviews by EUSA and Laura. Even for a good restaurant, there are always positive and negative reviews from different people. Zenaida is in my opinion, a complete rip off and I am not surprise to see there are people who are disappointed by the experience. Maybe the owner can salvage the restaurant by focus on making the food and service better instead of trolling other people's blogs.

Former Employee

I'm posting a little late, but, as a former employee, it's all true and more. More than once I was told to go next door to the gas station and buy supplies. The owner herself tried to serve sandwiches on wonderbread, charge 5 dollars for a cup of campbell's chicken noodle, used hershey's bars for chocolate when we were OUT OF CHOCOLATE (wtf on that one), and substituted amaretto for coconut flavor because "people don't know the difference." I feel bad for the place, it seemed like an alright idea, but the quality is way low, there is no actual kitchen, just a hotplate and microwave, and the service is slow. It's not possible to recount here all of the stupid ideas swimming through this place. The cakes are usually stale, I'm sure the health code is not followed, and on and on. Just don't go.


Just to let you guys know, most of the comments combatting your negative reviews were made by the owner under a false name, specifically EUSA - I heard her telling an employee once about it (some short girl with curly hair). I too thought the place was a disgrace though, I saw the owner making food by smearing the butter with her bare hands and then dipping her finger in a fondue before serving it! It's ok though, the facade of the restaurant will soon crumble and then everyone, not just us, will see how horrible it really is. We should get the health department in there before a customer gets sick.

Ann Arbor Foodie

I haven't called anyone names here, EUSA. You don't know how I behaved at Zenaida or not. Why don't you get over the fact that someone had a truly bad experience at a place you like?

Certainly there are restaurants in AA that I love and always have always wonderful experiences at, yet friends have tried them once or twice and had awful experiences. In those cases I feel very much like Darcy above when Darcy writes, "They appear as not just the polar opposite of my experience..., but they are so in an unreal, even, surreal way." Well, such things do happen.

You could have, like you said, encouraged us to give it another try. With some enthusiasm and persuassion. But don't bother. I don't see any reason to listen to someone who resorts to insults at the first opportunity. If we do ever go back and give them a second chance, it will be because of people like Darcy, Fatima, and a few co-workers of mine, who are so positive about their own experiences that we must wonder if ours was a misfortunate event when sh*t just happens. Because, you know, even the best place screw up from time to time.


I recently celebrated my birthday at Zenaida - my friends took me there, and it was really one of the best birthdays I have had! And I was looking for a place to submit compliments for it, and came across this site. I am just so surprised to see the comments of "Foodie." I had the most wonderful time there. The desserts, and the hot chocolates we all had were just superb! everything was so delicious. the atmosphere is really something that Ann Arbor does not have at all, so unique, and just a pleasure to be in. and the service was great, all the staff and the owner were so friendly and hospitable, and so professional. we had such a great time. having lived in new york city the last couple of years, i have missed having a place with high quality food, and a classy lounge atmosphere, and i am so glad that zenaida is here. and my friends and i cannot wait to go there again.


Dude, get over it... a ton of people have overwritten you. You don't even leave an email you work for another chocolate chain or nestle or something...relax and go eat somewhere else...maybe they didn't serve you well because you were rude and obnoxious...or snobby...or a "foodie"...can you give us your us notification of your cordon bleu or Culinary Institute training...oh I know, you probably ate at all of the fine dining establishments in ann're must be an aficionado...congratulations...I would tell you to give them another chance, but you probably wouldn't be amused to be sitting next to our table...we'll be the people in the corner having a good time...

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