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February 26, 2006



LOVE the paneer makhani!! Everything here is always tasty, and the bill is considerably smaller than Shalimar, where we used to eat. The service has always been REALLY slow when we are there, so don't eat there if you're in a hurry. We just do carry out :)


This is the worst restaurant I have ever seen. I think they have more spicy masala in stock. That may be the reason all items are terrible spicy. They dont even care, if we ask for less or no spicy, especially if we request for kid. If we make a special request, then only the cook put more spicy. Also, next day after eating here, got to struggle with stomach pain and burn. Very difficult to bear the pain. Terrible Restaurant!!!

Brandon H

I was always a fan of Madras Masalas and Raja Rani (two staples of AA indian/indo cuisine), but Temptations is by far the best I've had, ever. The service can be slow, but it is well worth any wait you may have. I would suggest the samosas, their special biryani, and their lamd methi. I was just blown away with the flavor, texture, and colorful use of ingredients.

Pattie B.

My husband brought home a carryout two days ago from Temptations and raved about it. Now, I'm a fan and can't wait to visit for lunch!

Gurinder Singh

It is the worst restaurant we've discovered here that I will not recommend to any visitor.
I came to this restaurant today (12/27/07) for lunch with my four other colleagues. We were all very much disappointed with your food. The quality of food was very poor. The preparation was poor. There was too much salt and oil, and the food was stale. The presentation was terrible - no one even wanted to eat the food once it was served. You did not offer any dessert (how often do people order "bread pieces soaked in sugar syrup"?). I chose your restaurant to treat my friends, and I am so embarrassed by the poor quality.


We LOVE temptations. Ahhhh, sooo good! Right now I think I'd donate a kidney just to eat thier paneer stuffed naan (spicy delight!) with the BEST mattar paneer I've ever tasted. Maybe with a stuffed Dosa and a cool glass of mango lassi. Mmmmm! Sign me up! I'm a HUGE temptations fan!

John Hritz

We went to Temptations this last Saturday. The food was very high-quality. I found even their mild was way to hot for me and I like things pretty spicy. Madras Masala (my old favorite) took a little while to adjust their seasonings to Western levels. Their buffet is usually right on the mark. During this trip to Temptations, we had the Butter Chicken which was first-rate. We also had a potato dish that I wasn't crazy about, but that was very well prepared. We'll be going back. The menu is very extensive.

Butttuhhh Likeuhhhh

I lowwwe the temptaaaaaaaaationz. Haiii.


YUMMY YUMMY & yummy after i heard the name Tempatation,didnt care for the name so today iwent there to try their food,wat a taste yaar,can't believed it,wow everything was good,and tasty.I think it had beat all the other indian restaurant in metro detroit area in michigan.


Temptations Indian restaurant the best restaurant ever I have been. They always have variety in their buffet and they're very consistent. TEMPTATIONS Butter chicken and Tandoori are my favourites for lunch, and Lamb Methi with Garlic Naan Hmm yummy and mouth watering. The owners are very nice and make it really home atmosphere and the service is top notch. Its absoultely worth visiting TEMPTATIONS. Hmm forgot to add their MANGO LASSI,,,

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