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February 21, 2006


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I think this is the place where I ate. It is truely delicious. A must try.


I went to the Uno in Northville after they opened last winter. The pizza was juicy and sophisticated enough, and my lady even loved more about the fruit tea and chicken wing. It's no difference than other Uno that I've been to in Birch Run or Schunmburg. The Northvill store is right next to a Trader Joe's so I took a bottle of 2002 Spanish wine and Teramisu for the desert in home.


I totally hear you Seamaster. It's never fun to eat while one have to "network" with recruiters at the same time. Uno is definitely a good place to have deep dish pizza but I believe the one in Ann Arbor is already closed. There is a new one in Northville though. Is that the one you refer to?


Is Uno a better place for Chicago deep-dish pizza? Maybe my momeory of food was ruined by the unpleasant experience of attending many corporate recruiting receiptions hosted in Pizza House second floor :) Standing by a banker from Citigroup, i just felt eating like bitting his black pin-strip Armani suit.

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