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February 13, 2006



how are the prices? i just moved from southern california and am trying to find some good cantonese restaurants that won't cost an arm/leg! any other suggestions? are there any Hong Kong cafe style (serve both chinese and american style dishes) chinese restaurants here? thanks!


Did you try to press the red pin to get the direction? Please try that and let me know if you still have a problem.

Thanks, Team

And just in case:

Hong Hua Fine Dining Restaurant
27925 Orchard Lake Rd, Farmington Hills, MI 48334
(248) 489-2280

Barbara Tucker

Can you tell me where Hong Hua is located? I can't find it on your map or in the phone book, and I would like to go there.

Thank you.



Glad to hear you like the blog. I haven't been to Golden Harvest either. I may go there some time. If you happen to go there, feel free to leave us some comments and pictures through our "Contribute a review" link or

Thanks, Team


Hi there! Cool blog. Hong Hua certainly is authentic. Have you ever tried Golden Harvest in Warren? I always wonder if that place is any good.

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