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February 17, 2006



I loved Sushi & Noodle especially when I come to japanesse restaurant in my country.

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You should mention the BEST JAPANESE bakery...Pastry House Hippo in Novi...omg! They have cute animal shapes and they are so fresh and delicious!

Richard Chang

The setting of Ajishin reminds me the typical tiny but cozy bistrols at street corner or alleys in Tokyo, Osaka ..etc.
The food is good, service is nice, people are friendly.
One thing. if only they can have desert menu too...

Steve K

Ajishin is THE best Japanese restaurant in the area- hands down. No other place compares. Not only that, but it's pretty cheap too. There is not much selection but you don't need much. Get the Ajishin udon; it's probably their most popular soup and for good reason. The broth is very flavorful. Be sure to add a little of the orange Japanese spice. Whenever I go with friends, I always get the Ajishin and split a sushi dinner/lunch (kinda as an appetizer). Their sushi is the freshest in the area too. Three things you NEED to know: 1. it is ALWAYS crowded so expect a wait. It is a good idea to call ahead (they do not take reservations, only a wait list), 2. they keep strange hours... they are CLOSED on Tuesdays and close between lunch and dinner, and 3. when you walk in, just write down your name on the pad of paper if someone does not immediately take your name. The staff are frequently busy serving and there is no host to receive you. And one more thing, be sure to check out Hippo Bakery across the parking lot in the same plaza for tasty Japanese pastries for dessert! (If they are open that is... Hippo closes once they sell out their pastries, so they tend to close very early)


Unwittingly going to Ajishin has become a routine course in my weekend life. Yes, the noodle is boiled in fresh fish soup and sushi roll like a showpiece of chef craftsmanship. 'More ginger and wasabi' i added my 'special-twist" to the sushi order, as usually I do. The waitress smiled in a quiet Japanese way and quickly found the stuff i was looking for. 'Wish someday they serve Martini shaked, but not stirred' along with those wild thoughts, I enjoyed the grilled cod and spicy tuna rolls.

It's nothing speical in this little noodle house, but would make me think of it each time i stopped by the concourse of busy Narita airport. Or maybe I was not missing the food they served, but the time we spent:)

Zhijun Li

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