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January 28, 2006



If you haven't tried the Oasis Cheese Delight you haven't had a good vegetarian wrap. This wrap combines all the senses: crunchy, soft, salty, melty,...
I can't wait to get another one.


Becky, I partially agree with you. I was going to get to the Jerusalem Garden before I talked about them, but they are in the queue. I think they are different and not so easy to compare. The JG folks are (if memory serves)sephardic jews, and the Oasis/Rendezvous folks are (again if memory serves) Lebanese. There are a lot of flavor variations around that end of the Mediterranean. Each time I go to one or the other, I leave thinking they have the best food. As for me, it's nice to have both to choose from. But if you prefer JG over Oasis, that's fine too.


I would like to volunteer a much better middle-eastern style restaurant in the Ann Arbor area: Jerusalem Garden. The shawarma and falafel is far superior to Oasis and they have the most incredible lentil soup I've tasted.


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